The Ultimate Transit Packaging in the U.K.

SECURAPAC – a range of transit packaging distributed by Eastpac Group.

So far there are 4 product lines in development for 2017, with more to be added. Securapac is designed & selected around products that add value through their function, makings tasks safety, quicker, more efficient and more productive. With many hours spent on design and testing, Eastpac Group offers you the following protective packaging products under the Securapac brand name:


These posts are capable of carrying up to 500 kilos of goods. They can be placed inside boxes or externally. These angleposts prevent damage of goods, and they are particularly useful when stacking pallets or heavy loads.


Storage of cylindrical materials can be a challenge but not with CradlePak! These hardware solutions secure cylindrical goods in place. It is a great shipping solution and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Slice Knife

No other blade can compare to the Slice Knife. Ergonomic, it fits the hand perfectly and latches onto a belt, so it is always within reach. The ceramic blade also lasts 10x longer than steel blades. Unlike metals, this super sharp knife does not cut through flesh, but will easily cut through card.


Protect goods with trapped air. Sealed bags create a space buffer to prevent hard impact from inflicting damage. Ribtec’s bags can accommodate a wide variety of package sizes.

Right from the very start, Eastpac Group has been a firm believer in its ability to provide the packaging needs that many companies have to handle. Over 20 years ago, Graham Rodger took over a declining business. Seeing an opportunity in providing for the packaging needs of companies, he sought the best tools and protective packaging supplies. Since then, even with some challenging knocks, the company has grown.

Fast forward to where it is now, the company has become a great provider for logistic operations. Year upon year, Eastpac Group continues its commitment towards providing the best goods and services to its customers. Here at Eastpac Group, the commitment has always remained the same: honesty, loyalty and integrity to all customers, both loyal or new.

Eastpac Group is excited to distribute this range and would value the opportunity to visit you and discuss the functionality.

Email with any enquiry. We’d be more than happy to help you out.

A PDF of the first 4 products can be downloaded below.

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