9 Insanely Creative Packaging Designs

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Take a look at some of the most innovative packaging ideas.

We’ve decided to show you what we believe are some creative packaging that will guarantee to make you say ‘that’s such a great idea.’ The business industry is a competitive place – so to stand out from the crowd, brands have gotten smart.

Offline marketing plays a big part in brand promotion and recognition. Packaging allows you to convey essential messages and personas across to your customers, helping them and others remember you.

However, you can also transform your packaging for aesthetic purposes, to enable the user to interact, reuse or admire your efforts. If you don’t want your wrapping to end up in the bin, then creativity can prevent this from happening.

Let’s not keep you waiting.

Now here are 9 inspiring packaging designs that you can’t possibly forget:

1. City Harvest Grocery Bags

One farm shop has the right idea when it comes to promoting hunger in New York and healthy eating at the same time. The company has chosen for their paper bags to feature a transparent stomach that showcases the food inside the bag.

Advertising your stock and your name at the same time, it’s safe to say City Harvest know what they’re doing.

2. Note’s Earphone

How do you effectively promote earphones? Well, Note managed to swoop the winning prize here with a simple yet highly effective packaging layout.

The brand chose to display their merchandise in the shape of a music note. This minimalistic design is sure to make a lasting impression with any consumer.

3. Teabag Hangers

Teabags are the simplest of products, so how can you creatively promote them? This company definitely had the right idea – why not hang them up like clothes?

An interactive design not only advertises the brand; however it allows users to reuse the packaging, reducing the box from being thrown away and thus being wasted.

4. Kleenex Tissues

Its one of the biggest brands we know for providing us with tissues, but how have they rocked the boat this time around?

Well, the marketing team behind Kleenex decided to get creative with their packaging. The pictures below speak for themselves.

5. Trident

How do you put together attractive packaging for chewing gum? Trident made a lasting impression by transforming it’s products into ‘teeth’ filling a transparent picture of a smile which ‘loses teeth’ as you remove a piece.

This was a great interactive and memorable packaging success from Trident – you can’t help but smile.

6. Ford matchboxes

How do you promote your new car model with a cargo bed? Create a box that looks like the car’s carrying ‘logs’ maybe?

Ford cleverly integrated one of its car models in with the user’s matchbox storage so that when the box is pulled out, it looks like you’re unloading the vehicle. I have to say this idea deserves a pat on the back.

7. Spaghetti Hairstyles

How do you make someone want to buy your pasta over everyone else’s in the supermarket? What customising the box packaging to create hairstyles for a woman using the inside product?

This brand decided to include a window that made room for the pasta to give the printed lady some lovely flowing hairstyles. This certainly was a talented yet comical approach to delivering pasta to the public.

8. Bigger and Butter

Many brands will make packaging and expect it to be recycled or thrown away, but how about designing a package that is useful even after it’s opened?

Well, this butter provider managed to do just that, they decided to shape the lid like a knife, allowing users to spread their butter ‘on the go.’ This method is practical and saves you some washing up!

9. Whitebites

Everyone loves dogs, so how do you make your packaging for pet treats irresistible to people too? Use the sticks to make comical smiles for dogs of course.

This pet food company had a great thought when it came to packaging their Whitebites treats, easily making them stand out on the shelves.

If these packages and wrapping haven’t caught your eye, then I don’t believe anything ever will. To be seen in a world drowned in packaging, brands need to be smart, and if you work the industry, you would know exactly what I’m talking about.

Eastpac is specialist providers of packaging and boxes, and we have learned the fundamentals of great personalisation. New and existing customers come to us daily looking for inspiration and designs printed onto their packaging before delivery.

When you are selling your products locally or nationwide, you need to sell your packaging too. It’s human nature that we are attracted to pretty and unique objects, that’s why yours needs to be.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this blog and agreed that these are some of the best packaging designs you’ve seen. But then you may have found another if so, leave them in the comments below!

If you have no idea where to start with your customised packaging, then allow our team to help. Get in touch via:

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