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Single Wall

Single Wall boxes are the simplest of cartons, and are often used for lightweight use and print works. The strength of the box, as with all boxes, depends of the ‘Flute’ that is used, which measures the density of the ‘waves’ that can be seen between the outer and inner faces of the side wall of the carton

Double Wall

Double Wall boxes are the stronger box out of the two common wall types. this makes them perfect for using with overnight courier systems, as the additional strength gives them extra durability and resistance to tears and punctures. They can also have a dual flute size, which allows for further added strength whilst minimising the cost impact.

Bespoke Size and Style

Eastpac can also offer Bookwraps, Pallet boxes and other specialised cartons upon request, subject to minimum order levels. ‘Bespoke’ can cover the wall type, such as triple wall or more, as well as the style, like postal boxes, pizza boxes or wrap around boxes, across all the FEFCO styles.

We offer a versatile range of quality-assured cardboard boxes in various sizes and styles, both from stock and bespoke design. But what style and strength do you need for your products?