CASE STUDY: Multi-National Distribution Company

What Is Gripfilm?

The Unique GRIPfilm Applicator makes light work of a task that’s renowned to make you dizzy, stumble and scrape your knuckles, whilst the blend of the actual film gives a taught wrap and uses less plastic.

Unbelievably simple one-handed, walk-around application:
The unique GRIPfilm applicator allows the operator to walk forwards around the pallet at a regular pace, holding the applicator in one hand without straining to apply tension at every corner. You’ll never need to use two hands, or to bend right down.

Class-leading, Self Gripping Film:
GRIPfilm’s specialist chemical construction process means that the operator just wraps it around the load and pallet; all the tension work is done by the film itself. One hand, just wrap it around and let the film do all the work. This way, you’ll achieve a far more secure load than you ever would on your own.

Secure the load to the pallet, every time:
GRIP applicators make it easy to grip the pallet base on every load. You only need to use one hand, just wrapping the film around the pallet, and you’ll find that you don’t have to bend double to make that connection. The extra-durable skid plate can be dragged right along the floor, saving those scraped knuckles.

Don’t just take our word for it…
“It’s one of those systems that you don’t think you need, but once you start using it, there’s no way you’re going back”

E-commerce Manager, Distribution Company

“I’m Impressed by how something so simple can be so effective!”

Operations Manager, 3PL Logisitcs and Storage