Securapac – created with e-commerce traders in mind and the latest innovations in transit packing.

Securapac in action

We design our transit packaging for speed and efficiency. Our Securapac offers your products the protection they need without slowing down the packaging process. Every order is destined to arrive with the customer on time, undamaged.

Eastpac understands that you want your items to arrive safely and securely, and those factors are precisely what our transit packing can do. It is an efficient and affordable solution that ensures the level of protection that your products need.

Many businesses face the dilemma of needing successful packaging that has minimum risk of damage or breakages to the products in transit – we believe that Securapac transit packaging is the solution.

Here we offer a range of transit packing material and accessories – all of which protect your products:


Air packaging that will reduce shifting, bruising or breakage with your products during transit. Ribtec is a reliable and sustainable industrial packaging material.

The packaging is ideal as a buffer to prevent a hard impact. Available in a wide range of sizes, Ribtec is effective will all different types of product delivery. 


Another one of our Securapac products is Anglepost. You can place this hard material inside boxes, or externally. The Angleposts are capable of carrying up to 500 kilos of goods – reducing the risk of damage to products and packaging.

Simple, yet effective.

This type of protection is suitable for straight-edge products or items that require support during transit. Efficient and effective, we highly recommend Anglepost for bigger deliveries and fragile goods. 


This packaging offers an excellent solution to the storage and protection of cylindrical materials, internally or externally. CradlePak will keep your items in place without the risk of damage during transportation.

The new material of Cradlepak is a useful packaging solution for both fragile and non-fragile products that require delivery. Its polymer material is water-proof and can effectively support smaller goods. 

Slice Knife

Our Slice Knife is an accessory from our Securapac range – and we believe no other blade can compare. The equipment fits perfectly in your hands, it can even latch onto your belt, so it’s always nearby and ready to use.  

Safe and easy-to-use.

With its ceramic blade, the slice knife will last 10 times longer than any other steel blade. Slice knife blades allow you to cut through card effortlessly.

View our videos

Below are some videos of the Securapac packaging in action.

Securapac Bottle Bag 0:49

A high-quality packaging solution for the safe and secure delivery of bottles available only at Eastpac.

How strong is it? 0:04

750ml tin of paint dropped from waist height packaged in Securapac Ribtec.

Dropping 48 Cans 0:31

Ever wondered what happens when you drop 48 cans full of fizzy pop from waist height?